The Wilmington Skate Project – WSP – is a group of dedicated volunteers who are committed to the establishment of free quality skateboarding facilities in the city of Wilmington.

WSP’s members are a diverse group of skateboarders, parents, politicians, and small business owners who see the value of skateboarding. We view skateboarding as a healthy and fun recreational activity as well as a creatively unique lifestyle.

Our site, located under I-95 on Maryland Avenue, will be home to an 18,000 sq. foot skatepark.

The park, designed by the team of Anthony Bracali Architecture, Skate Nerd, and Van der Zalm Associates, will feature all of the elements of urban architecture sought out by modern street skateboarders.

Our design will be inspired by world-renowned skateboarding landmarks such as Philadelphia’s Love Park and San Francisco’s Embarcadero Plaza as well as from the obstacles and spots already being skated in downtown Wilmington.

Skateboarding is currently the 4th most popular sport in the United States. Similar to many areas of the country, northern Delaware has active skateboarders of all ages.

Despite the sport’s popularity, this region has no free public skateboarding facility. Quality skateparks have many benefits for cities and communities including, increased tourism and deterring crime.

Building a skatepark is an opportunity for the City of Wilmington to demonstrate dedication to its youth and show support for a healthy young activity.